Relationship Psychology

Relationship Psychology

Relationship Psychology And The Art Being More Attractive During Arguments

“I’m so tired of playing games!”

Ever felt like that?

Ever wanted to know why relationships are so damn hard all the time?

What if there was a simple secret that would empower you to finally be the one in control of your love life.

Hey, this is Michael Griswold again and in this article, I am going to delve into a little “Relationship Psychology” and you’re going to discover what this secret is, and how you can use it.

First of all, this is not one of those sound byte secrets. This is a real secret, and if you get this, if you actually put it to work, you will see for yourself how much more satisfying your relationships will be.

You will stop getting hurt by others.

You will be the one in control of the relationship.

You will attract more possible partners, have your choice of who you want, and the people you date will be even more in love with you.

The biggest secret about relationships;

“Nothing stays the same”

There, that is all the relationship psychology you are going to get… just kidding 🙂

Have you ever been in a relationship, and it starts out awesome? Then after a little while passes, it’s less than awesome.

Here’s where most people mess up. They get so focused on trying to make it like it was, that they screw it up.

For people in healthy and satisfying relationships, they know that things are always changing.

That means that if you guys are in a fight now, or distant, or not talking, that’s fine.

That’s just how it is NOW.

When you try to fix it (which usually means some sort of panic), you end up making it worse and not letting the relationship breathe.

Here’s how I realized this (where the relationship psychology part kicked in):

I was dating this one girl, and she was awesome. She was way out of my league (from a super awesome family, going to graduate school, classy. She even knew where the knife and fork went on the table:)

I, on the other hand, had just driven my first business into the ground, was homeless and car-less plus felt like a loser.

In spite of all that, we had an awesome and satisfying relationship. How?

By using this very secret.

See, before realizing this, I would have been constantly trying to fix it; show her how I was going to be successful, trying to measure up, etc.

But that would have come across as me covering up for my insecurities. Which would have been correct.

But when you know that everything changes, you don not have to panic, or freak out when things are not going well.

In fact, what you find, is that when you have poise in the midst of those situations, you become way more attractive.

So next time things don’t go the way you want them to, instead of freaking out, just wait and observe. And then, if there are things about your relationship that need to be addressed, do it. When you are not freaking out 🙂

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